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FIN TALES - life as an indie musician

How I write a song (part two)

I’ve got a melody, chords and lyrics for several verses and a chorus, and I am happy with them!
But now I need a bridge.
And a good edit.

The bridge is always actual work. It doesn’t come in any…

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How I write a song (part one)

It starts with an idea.

A very small one.

A smaller idea than you might think.

Optional: something I want to write a song about. (Because sometimes I figure out what the song is about when it is well…

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How I find musical collaborators

When I first returned to making music after long absence, I knew few musicians. The last two guys I'd been in a band with were dead. The old clubs I'd played in were closed. My jam buddies Tony and Margo…

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How I create music with other musicians online

Folks often ask how one creates music with collaborators who live far and wide. I usually say “we email files back and forth,” but that’s obviously not the whole picture. When I’m the songwriter/song originator, here’s how things generally work: …

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